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This site provides information about Michael Madden and his forthcoming debut novel Terminal Contact and some details about what will follow it. 

Novel Terminal Contact
This was originally conceived as a self indulgence, to do one of those bucket list items one has in life. In starting the book, a procrastinated ambition was fulfilled, which went on to became so much more as its true potentials emerged and took over the storyline.

Sequel Hidden Darkness
The concepts for Hidden Darkness began part way through writing Terminal Contact. It became evident that not all of the evolving content would fit into the first storyline; but had in themselves enough substance to become a novel in their own right. The sequel hopefully won't rely on knowledge of Terminal Contact, but should be enriched if it had been read.

Anthology Ages of Marcus du Fay
As the content of both novels developed, numerous references to the lifetime and previous adventures of the larger than life anti-hero became embedded into the storyline. These in addition to minor forays into short stories, accumulatively are building into a anthology of Marcus's adventures.